Art Project

I’ve wanted to create a fun picture of my daughter Maddie to put on her 1st birthday invitation. During a visit to a good friend’s house I saw my inspiration–Andy Warhol.  I decided then and there that I would work use a picture of Maddie and learn how to create a “Warhol” effect with the photo.  I love the bright colors and pop-culture feel of his work, so this was a great match for a fun birthday invitation. 

So, I had decided what it was I wanted to do; now I had to figure out how I was going to do it. These are the steps I followed: 

  1. Selected a photo of Maddie to use in the project–have a great one, which is a close-up of her. 
  2. Got some inspiration, looked on, to check out some Warhol prints, see what colors he used, what types of photos, etc. 
  3. Selected the software that I would use for the project–Adobe Photoshop–it’s powerful and sophisticated (and I’ve been wanting to learn more about using it!) 
  4. Searched Yahoo – typed in “Andy warhol effect in Photoshop” in hopes of finding some articles on how to create my art. The search returned a couple of tutorials, which I read, but one was outstanding. Want to check it out?  Visit the tutorial page I used. 
  5. Followed the tutorial and produced my art, with, what I think are outstanding results. 

As mentioned above, I primarily used Adobe Photoshop to produce the art. For inspiration used the Internet to look at examples of Warhol’s works. And, finally, for education and instruction on how to create the artistic effect, used the Internet to find a tutorial on the subject.

Check out the finished art piece


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